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Additionally her group showed that RAN proteins accumulate in SCA8 and DM1 patient tissues.Since that time, her group and other groups have shown RAN proteins also accumulate in C9orf72ALS/FTD and FXTAS. Ranum’s group is now focused on understanding the mechanisms of RAN translation and the impact of RAN proteins in neurological disease.Crab cakes are so often disappointing -- mushy or gummy, full of starchy filler.But these easy cakes are full of beautiful lump crabmeat, and a light panko coating ensures they fry up crispy and golden brown.DCs dope is usually baltimores dope, and baltimores dope is many times NY dope.Even though we have a massive port, a ton of it still comes from NY and north of here.The west africans who have been around forever are pushing #4 from SEA, ive seen tar/mud only thing i have never seen is base.The best shit imo is the really hard pressed beige to grey shit that comes from south america.

Our sonographers have extensive experience with fetal ultrasound.If a problem has been detected with your unborn child (fetus) or you are at risk for developing a problem based on your personal medical history, The Center for Advanced Fetal Care at Mercy Medical Center can help.These risks include: The Center for Advanced Fetal Care at Mercy provides a full range of diagnostic services. ^ damn my friend from work never came back to work an hasnt answered his phone i dont think il ever be copping thru him again i gotta get my old connects number back but thats going to be hard as fuck considering everyone in the world acts like their connect is the fuckin top secret cartel or some shit Anyone answer my question?Im just looking for lingo and if i should go in the early morning or when during the da Y?While some of our patients are high risk, we also see women for ultrasounds regarding size and dating of the pregnancy or fetal anatomy.

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